to Lickety Split Scrapbooks, home of the Lickety Split Scrapbook Page Kits and other stuff to make your scrappin' fast and fun.

If your swamp is anything like ours, the little critters keep you busy, busy, busy. All those photos of the darlin's are piled in boxes or stuffed in drawers. We always say we're goin' to get to those scrapbooks but by the time everyone's in bed - you're beat! Let us help.

We have scrapbook page kits and project kits designed to suit everyone's time requirements. From simple & fast to a little more complicated, we have what you're lookin' for. No more spendin' hours searchin' for all the coordinating paper, fibers and embellishments. We have done done it! And to make things even better (hard to believe, I know) we have custom made die-cuts included in most of the kits to finish those pages with a flair! You'll be the envy of all the gals.

So grab your bug juice, jump on in and get your feet wet!

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